The ZEN Movement Program-

Online Program

The Zen Zone is taking our Mindfulness Programs online.

The ZEN Movement program is designed to give you the tools to support yourself and those around you.  

The online program will provide you with the knowledge to safely share mindfulness exercises with your family, friends, and or work colleagues.

Red to Zen Mindfulness Program-

Interactive Mindfulness Workshop

Discover how to bring the "ZEN" into your Zone with our Interactive Workshops!

The Workshops include practical skills to reduce stress through movement, accountability and mindfulness techniques.

These techniques are designed to empower attendees with gratitude and resilience to help them gain clarity.

Zen Membership

Why not join The Zen Zone Online Membership.

For only $9.95 a month, you can enjoy 24 hour access to:

  • Mindful Exercises.
  • LIVE Zoom Classes
  • "ZEN" Gratitude 
  • Membership Discounts. 

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