The Zen Zone 

Pause and Reset Program

Our goal is to take the confusion out of mindfulness, to help you learn to Pause & Reset, by providing you with practical and effective techniques that can help to bring peace to your space.

Program Benefits

The online program is designed to provide practical Mindfulness tools that can be used to support mental wellbeing.

Our goal is to..

Take the confusion out of mindfulness.

To help you..

Bring a sense of "ZEN" into your Zone. 

Support you by..

Providing quick & effective strategies that can be used anytime or anywhere.

Why do we need Mindfulness?

Mindfulness can help to un-clutter your mind and bring a sense of "ZEN" to your Zone. 

Research indicates that stress has a strong link with overall health and wellbeing. 

Prolonged stress is known to cause anxiety and depression. We are often in an unconscious state of tension and, as a result, the body and the mind are always in a ‘fight or flight’ response state. 

By introducing a daily Mindfulness Routine, can help you reduce stress, improve self-worth and help you to become more aware of your emotions and actions.

The Zen Zone Pause & Reset Program offers practical everyday mindfulness tools that can help you to bring peace to your space and to those around you. 

The online Mindfulness Program provides you with tools that can support you at home, in the office and with your family & friends. Included in the program are mindfulness exercises to help you to Stop & Breathe through movement and mindfulness techniques. 

Our goal is to take the confusion out of mindfulness, to help you learn to Pause & Reset and bring a sense of "ZEN" to your Zone.

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The Pause and Reset program helps to take the confusion out of Mindfulness and help you understand the benefits of introducing a daily Mindfulness routine. 

The online program explains the difference between Mindfulness and Meditation, and how you can make changes to your mental wellbeing by introducing daily mindfulness practices that take as little as 5 minutes a day to help bring peace to your space. 

Included in the program are mindfulness exercises to help you to Pause & Reset through movement and mindfulness techniques.

What are our clients saying about the

Pause & Reset Program.


Perfect program for anyone looking to bring Mindfulness into their daily lives. 

The Pause & Reset program is perfect for anyone who is looking for Mindfulness tips to support their mental wellbeing.  

Especially loved the practical Mindfulness Videos.


Just a few minutes needed to refocus and calm down!

When my work day is around 12 hours, having something that only takes a couple of minutes to complete to enable me to refocus and calm the stresses of the day is just heavenly! With the techniques presented in this course, there is no such thing as 'I don't have time!' when it comes to your mental health!


I really enjoyed all the practical mindfulness tools

The program was easy to follow and gave relevant information.

Really enjoyed the mindfulness videos and I am now able to bring more mindfulness into my everyday life. 

Are you ready to bring some "ZEN" into your Zone!