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Welcome to The Zen Zone Learning Centre!

The Zen Zone Learning Centre is designed to provide Mindfulness Courses for clients and followers of The Zen Zone. Our programs are designed to support Mental Wellbeing through Movement and Mindfulness techniques.

Our programs include;

  • ZEN Mindfulness Program -  An introduction program to Mindfulness. 
  • ZEN Gratitude program - Are you ready to learn how to find the JOY in everyday!
  • Certified Mindful Movement Mentor Practitioner Program.

Enjoy the site and please feel free to reach out with any questions either via the forums or click on the link below to book in a chat with Jo from The Zen Zone!

Zen Mindfulness Program

Introduction to Mindfulness Program to help you learn to Pause & Reset with practical and effective tools that can help put the Zen back into your Zone!

Program includes; 

  • Mindfulness tools that can support you at home, in the office and with your family

Zen Gratitude

The Zen Gratitude Program can help you to find the JOY in everyday and help to take you from the RED Zone to the ZEN Zone through daily Gratitude. 

The Program includes;

  • Daily goals
  • Free Downloads

Mindful Movement Mentor

Mindful Movement Mentor Program is a certified qualification providing you with the skills to become a Mindful Movement Practitioner.

Program includes; 

  • Easy to follow training modules
  • Certificate of Completion