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The "Zen" back into your Zone!

The Zen Zone

Interactive Mindfulness Workshops

Interactive Mindfulness programs that are designed to help take you from the "RED" Zone and into The "ZEN" Zone!

Join us for the RED to ZEN Workshop

Sunday 28th March 2 - 4pm

Inner Healing Wellness Place - Clontarf, QLD

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Do you feel as though you are living your authentic life?

Or maybe you are just struggling and are unsure why??

Do you can feel uncomfortable with who you are, or maybe you feel as though you just putting on a brave face and living day to day? 

Do you feel like your internal battery is running low, or that you are constantly juggling life and not getting anywhere?

Are you are easily distracted and do not feel as though you are fully present at work or in your daily life?

Or maybe you feel misunderstood, and wonder why you gel with some people and not others?

The Zen Zone Interactive Workshops provide you with practical tools to empower yourself with gratitude and resilience. 

Our goal is to take you on a self discovery journey to help you step out of your comfort zone and live your authentic life!

What are The Zen Zone Interactive Mindfulness Workshops?

The Zen Zone offer Interactive Mindfulness Workshops are Face to Face Workshops that will be available throughout the year. (click on the link for more information).

Events may be run by The Zen Zone or collaborations with other Mindfulness Facilitators. 

The Zen Zone offers private workshop bookings upon request. 

Prices start from $59pp 

Workshops are minimum 2 hours. 


The Zen Zone Interactive Workshops  include: 

  • Empowering you with practical  tools to empower yourself with gratitude, and how to be more present in your daily life. 
  • Take you on a self discovery journey  to help you understand how your roles and behaviours can effect yourself and those around you. 
  • And The Five Steps to take you from the "RED" Zone into The "ZEN" Zone! 

An honest and authentic sharing of a beautiful space. Feeling totally Zen and affirmed.
It was a wonderful event, definitely attend again. It was a very relaxing and enlightening experience.
A fun, supportive environment that provided me with practical mindfulness tools that I can easily use at home.

Who is the Facilitator?

Jo Stevens

Jo is a Certified Mindfulness & Mindful Movement Coach, an accredited Mental Health First Aide Officer and is passionate about supporting others to take control of their mental wellbeing, step out of their comfort zone and learn to accept themselves for who they are.

Jo understands the pressures of everyday life and how mental illness can effect yourself and those around you. In 2014, Jo's husband was diagnosed with PTSD after serving 25 years in the Australian Defence Force. This effected not only her husbands mental health but the whole family, and Jo's mental wellbeing was impacted and she struggled with anxiety and depression. 

It was during this time that Jo discovered the importance of Mindfulness and realised that in order to take care of her family, she had to take control of her own mental wellbeing, and now wants to help others find the mindfulness tools they need to be mentally strong. 

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