Zen in Ten – Dorothy May


Zen in Ten is a weekly 10 minute Podcast talking about all things mental wellbeing. 

This episode Jo Stevens from The Zen Zone talks with the lovely Dorothy May to find out what mindfulness tools she uses to help take her from the "RED" Zone into the "ZEN" Zone!

Learn more about Dorothy...

Dorothy May is an Australian Musician, Comedian, Teaching Artist and Healer. Dorothy began her practice of Music and Multi-Disciplinary Expression from a young age.

As a young adult, she attended the Victorian College of the Arts for a Bachelor of Musical Theatre. The VCA was a valuable start in advancing numerous performance skills.

Since then, she has taken those skills and developed them further through a diverse array of work. Dorothy feels immense joy in the variety of work that she is currently enjoying. A through-line being the desire to express oneself freely and to encourage others to do the same.

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Jo's goal is to empower people to take control of their own mental wellbeing through movement and mindfulness techniques, and to help put The “ZEN” back into their Zone!

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