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My Journey to Creating Mindful Movements.


I have always wanted to do Yoga or Pilates, to be someone who could stand on their head or hold a strong pose but I have always struggled to do those kind of exercises due to my flexibility issues.

Confession time, I can’t touch my toes!!!

I find it so uncomfortable when I am in a sitting position and reaching out for my toes, in fact I feel like I can’t breathe and I am so paranoid that I look like a very ungraceful elephant trying to do ballet!!

And don't get me started on downward dog, once again I find it difficult to touch my toes and I would be so paranoid that my big butt was is in someones face!

Yep, I have body issues, and have had my whole life!!




High Emotions

But even though I disliked my body, I still knew that I needed some mindfulness exercises in my life to help bring a sense of calmness into my world.

Meditation was also difficult for me in the beginning as I struggled to sit still for more than 10 minutes at a time. And if I am honest, I always thought that meditation was for hippy’s!!

Well this is what I was conditioned to think, my family were definitely mainstream and they always discouraged anything that was holistic!

But thankfully I have grown into being my own person and have realised the importance of being open to holistic approaches, and it was my mental wellbeing that drew me to mindfulness exercises.

It took a long time to find what I was looking for, and in 2018 I was introduced to Qigong and Shaking Yoga and I felt the benefits of calmness nearly instantly.

The slow purposeful moves of Qigong I found to be like meditation through movement. The moves could be performed standing and included deep breathing exercises, I was so excited that I no longer had to hold uncomfortable poses or lay on the floor while looking like a beached whale!!

Shaking Yoga was at first a little out of my comfort zone, it was a little hippy, yep!.. that conditioning was coming back to me.

But I decided to be brave and have a go, and what surprised me was how my body felt and once I let go of my ego and just be in the moment, I was surprised by how relaxed I felt and found myself smiling and laughing.

Did I forget to mention that I love to laugh and dance!!

With Shaking Yoga, I found that I could do both!

Not long after starting the classes, I decided that I wanted to share with others, to find people who were exactly like me and needing to find an exercise program that was not only relaxing but had so many benefits to our body and mind!

And from there Mindful Movements was born!!!

ladies enjoying shaking yoga

Check out these lovely ladies experiencing Shaking Yoga for the first time at a Networking group!

So why the name Mindful Movements ?

Well… when I think of the exercises that we do throughout the class, they are exactly what the name suggests…

Mindfulness through Movement!!

You are able to have fun, pause, breath and clear your mind!

And just to give you a heads up, in my live classes, I always include a favourite 80’s/90's song to jig along to.

PS I am always open to taking requests, there is nothing better than dancing to your favourite song!

Before I forget, I was talking about the mind, did you know scientists have discovered that mindfulness exercises not only improve your physical health in a number of ways but also your mental health. Mindfulness exercises can help to relieve stress, lower blood pressure, reduce chronic pain and improve sleep.

So even though I put this program together to suit my own needs, yes very selfish of me!!

There are just so many benefits to Mindful Movements

And let's not forget, meditation is included as well, it is only approx 15 minutes and is perfect for anyone who may be like me in the beginning and found it difficult to focus during a meditation. 

There truly are so many benefits to meditation, in fact as I said there are so many great reasons to experience Mindful Movements and of course the best reason to attend is that you get to meet me!

Would love to see you at one of our classes very soon!

 PS.. My body issues are improving and I am learning to love myself and all my lumps and bumps xx

Take care, Jo x

Classes are available Monday 9.30 am in Clontarf or Tuesday 6.30pm at The Gap..

First class is FREE!

Private Classes/Bookings are available too!

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Jo's goal is to empower people to take control of their own mental wellbeing through movement and mindfulness techniques, and to help put The “ZEN” back into their Zone!

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