It’s no secret that workplace stress is a leading cause of Mental Health problems!

Stress is also the leading cause of workplace absence, costing companies billions of dollars each year.

Stress can have a major negative impact on productivity, creativity, and overall health.

The Zen Zone can equip you with the tools you need to manage stress and stay productive in the workplace.

Workplace Mental Health Zen Program

MENTAL HEALTH - often we are unsure of what we can do in the workplace to support our own mental wellbeing or those around us who may be struggling with their mental health.

Many businesses are embracing Mindfulness Programs and encouraging staff to become Mental Health First Aide Officers to support a colleague who is struggling.

What The Zen Zone has noticed is that many of these programs don't always offer immediate support.

That’s why we designed the Workplace Mental Health ZEN Program – to help you

  • Prevent a situation from escalating by breaking the stress cycle
  • Reduce and alleviate stress immediately with simple mindful movements
  • Help your colleagues help themselves by sharing the tools in this program

Being a Team Leader, Human Resource Manager or a Mental Health First Aider is a lot of responsibility. They play an important role in workplace culture.

The Workplace Mental Health ZEN Online Program supports them in being effective and efficient in that role in just a couple of hours of learning. 

More Information

Workplace mindfulness

Jo Stevens is the Founder of The Zen Zone. 

In 2014, Jo's husband was diagnosed with PTSD. 

The diagnosis not only effected her husband but her whole family. 

It was through that journey, that Jo discovered Mindfulness techniques to support her own anxiety and depression.

And now Jo wants to share what she has learnt with others to help take them from the "RED" Zone into The "ZEN" Zone!


CEO of The Zen Zone

In 2020 Jo was awarded third place in the AusMumpreneur Awards in the Health & Wellbeing category presented by The Women’s Business School. 

The awards were created to inspire, celebrate and provide a community for Australian entrepreneurs.

Check out what our clients say about us...


Focus & Reset

I’ve been doing the Mindful Movement classes for a while now and I look forward to my Friday morning class. It’s an opportunity for me to reflect on my week and just reset before the weekend. Being an outdoors class also adds an extra element to the session; it’s lovely to be outside breathing in the fresh air as the sun rises and the animals awake. Jo leads you through a calm routine with focused breathing and stretching, and offers the opportunity to set a focus and an intention for the day.

Leisa Gregory

Flexible and Engaging

I recently engaged The Zen Zone team to run a motivational workshop session. I was looking for a physical movement and awakening solution to run after lunch time, when my conference guests were full of food and already had a mind full of learning done. The Zen Zone's flexibility to customise their programs to suit my special needs was appreciated. They got my guests moving, laughing, prepared and engaged with the next portion of the day. I'd recommend The Zen Zone as an inclusion on your conference program as they are able to listen to your needs, understand your audience and create a bespoke solution for you.

Kirsty Fields - Social Ocean

Educational & Relaxing

The Zen Zone facilitated a Mindfulness Program for the RSL Raemus Off- Road Racing Mental Health Awareness Event in October 2019. The feedback received by Raemus Racing was, all attendees loved the interactive program as it was relaxing, fun and more importantly educational. All attendees were grateful for the new skill they obtained and how easy it was to implement those skill into their daily lives to support their own mental health and wellbeing and those around them.

President - RSL Raemus Off Road Racing

Uplifting & Appropriate

The Zen Zone were guest speakers and presenters at our always festive Christmas lunch meeting, and they did not disappoint! The entire crowd were up on their feet dancing and joining in and when it came to reflection, the crowd were also very willing participants. I believe this is because they took the time to get to know our members and the format of our lunch, they then engaged us in the uplifting and appropriate experience for the 30 minute allocated timeframe. We all enjoyed their company and their message was delivered in a delightful way. I would recommend The Zen Zone any time and would definitely love to see the girls present again in the future.

Laurene Coates - BPW North Lakes

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